Set Price $49.95
Partial Price $9.00 / DVD
Number of DVDs 6 DVDs
Number of Episodes 39 Episodes
Completed Series Completed
Language Japanese
Subtitle -
Menu Function Japanese Interactive
Source Digitally Remastered R2

Original Run: January 1, 1973 to September 24, 1973

The series follows Koichi, a Japanese schoolboy, who learns that he is the reincarnation of the alien entity, Babel. As such, Koichi is entrusted with Babel's powers and joined by three protectors: Rodem, a shape-shifting black panther; Ropross, a pterodactyl-like flying creature; and Poseidon, a giant robot that always rises from the depth of the ocean when summoned. The boy hero commands his newfound powers and companions in order to defend the Earth.

The main character's real name is Koichi Yamano. (His family name differs by version, including Furumi, Yamano, and Kamiya.) Koichi lives an ordinary junior high schooler's life, until one day when the computer of the Tower of Babel authorizes him as a master of the tower. Koichi is actually a distant descendant of the space alien Babel, who was cast ashore on Earth 5000 years ago and who tricked the people of Earth into building the legendary tower to signal to his friends where he had landed, only for one of the tower's computers to malfunction and explode, destroying the entire structure. Koichi inherits Babel's superhuman intellect, physical strength and other various supernatural powers.


- Digitally Restored Visual and Audio (Digitally Remastered) DVD
- Interactive Menu Split Chapters (OP, PART A, PART B, ED, NEXT EPS)
- Full screen Presentation, NTSC, Aspect Ratio 4 : 3
- Dolby Digital Stereo: Japanese Track
- All / Free / No Regional Coding

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