Set Price $79.95
Partial Price $8.00 / DVD
Number of DVDs 12 DVDs
Number of Episodes 50 Episodes
Completed Series Completed
Language Japanese
Subtitle -
Menu Function Japanese Interactive
Source Digitally Remastered

Original Run: February 15, 2004 to February 6, 2005
** Also available in English Subtitled, click here for more info **

"SPD… Special Police Dekaranger. Five detectives: Burning Hearts, Fighting Cool. Their mission is to fight cosmic criminals who have invaded the Earth and to protect the peace and safety of the people!"

The story begins when Banban Akaza arrives on Earth. He is transferred to the S.P.D. (Special Police DekaRanger) Earth branch by his commander. By that time, Agent Abrella, an Alienizer arms dealer, turns his destructive attention to Earth, helping the criminals there. It's up to the DekaRangers to stop them and bring them to justice. The SPD of Earth are stationed in the DekaBase under the command of Doggy Kruger. Special Police Dekaranger, or S.P.D., has advanced extraterrestrial technology at its disposal, giving its officers armor made out of DekaMetal, and making them Dekarangers.

Deka is Japanese colloquial slang for "detective" and has no direct translation, but is sometimes written over the kanji for "Keiji" (a more formal term for detective); it is also a Greek prefix "deca", meaning "ten", and a total of ten Dekarangers appear in the series and movie combined.

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- Digitally Restored Visual and Audio (Digitally Remastered) DVD
- Interactive Menu Split Chapters (OP, PART A, PART B, ED, NEXT EPS)
- Premiere Live Footage (characters interview, stage show, op-theme concert)
- Various interviews with several casts and producers
- Clean / Creditless Opening & Ending Clips (all version)
- Pilot / Episode-01 Teaser footage
- Various Promotional Clips
- Battle Selection Scene
- Digital Artwork Data Files
- Full screen Presentation, NTSC, Aspect Ratio 4 : 3
- Dolby Digital Stereo: Japanese Track
- All / Free / No Regional Coding

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