FAQs Last Updated at: Wednesday April 01, 2020


When will my order ships?
Generally, all pre-orders will ships after 2 - 3 weeks processing timeframe, regardless of the order size. Keep in mind that this timeframe does not guaranteed to be 100% accurate and heavily depends on our current orders log or other unforeseen circumstances.  We will do our best to ship your pre-order as quickly as possible. However, please expect to add a bit more time, such as 1 - 2 weeks, should major unforseen delay occurs.

What is the status of my order?
Your order status is posted here on the order status page. Do keep in mind that the order status page is not real-time updated. If you recently placed an order, your order status will not be posted there until after approximately 1 - 3 days. We appreciate your patient.

How long is the shipping transit time?
Registered Airmail generally reach  the destination country within 1 - 3 weeks.
Express Mail generally reach the destination country within 3 - 7 days.

Orders from Australia, Europe, and Asia have less transit time compared to orders from United States and South America. Package might get delayed for a few days up to 1 - 2 weeks, depends on the post office and airport customs in your country. Delay is most likely occurs during or near National Holiday Season such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday season observed in your country.  While we regret this, we simply don't have control over the post office, customs process, and holiday delay in your country.

What is the difference between EMS and Registered Airmail? (EDIT: from March 2015: We no longer ship via EMS.)
EMS is speedy and prioritized service, delivery on Saturday & Sunday (in some country), 24/7 package tracking, door-to-door service, requires signature at delivery point, automatic re-delivery (if they missed you at the first time), clears the customs faster, rarely get delayed, and prioritized in lost package claim.

Registered Airmail offers a lower cost alternative compared to EMS while still maintaining decent delivery time, it deliver to some countries that are outside of EMS coverage area. Tracking only provide a record of departure and delivery of the package. The chance of getting a delay is slightly moderate.

I don't see the EMS rate, how much should I pay for EMS?
To obtain the EMS rate of your order, you will have to contact us for a quote.

What is my tracking number?
We will automatically send a shipping notification to you within 2 - 3 business day, from the date your order was shipped. The said e-mail will contain your tracking number and some helpful information regarding your package. If you did not get our shipping notification, please do contact us immediately.

Why my tracking info is not updated?
Since the postal service most of the time offers less pricey service compared to private shipping such as UPS and Fedex, the postal tracking might not be as good. Sometimes it could get worse to the point that your package is already in your hand before the tracking info gets updated. Nevertheless, the tracking service often offers a good estimation for your package arrival. does not show my package tracking, why is that? is for tracking package inbound to USA residents. If you're not currently reside in USA, you can conveniently track your package at:

What if my package is lost in the mail?
Technically, once we drop the package at the post office, the package is no longer under our control. It is up to the post office to deliver the package to you, in a timely manner. Unfortunately, package sometimes do get delayed or lost during shipping. If you are one of the few unfortunate customers who experience this, do not worry, unlike other dealer, we will do our best to assist our customers with their lost package.

After waiting for a reasonable transit time period (please add 1 - 2 weeks more, in case of a delay), notify us with the issue and we will work it out. If your package lost in transit, we will try our best to recover the shipment for you and make a claim with the post office. Should the recovery failed, what we can do is make the exact order free of charge (or small replacement fee might apply), but you might have to pay for the shipping cost again. If we won the claim, shipping to your residence will be free of charge.

Do I need to travel to the post office to get my package?

All EMS package comes with signature confirmation. You'll have to sign the package in order to receive it. If the post man missed you twice, they'll leave a card for you to bring into the nearest post office in order to pickup your package. On the other hand, Registered Airmail do not comes with signature confirmation, that means they will leave the package at the nearest convenient place such as leasing office, apartment package locker, club house, your front door, or bring it back to post office.

What if I forgot to pick up my package at the post office?
In the event that you forgot to pick up your package at the post office within certain days of it's arrival date (differs in each country, could be 7 to 14 days), the post office will automatically return the package to us. Once they ship back the package to us, that will only means more trouble for you. If the package is lost, you will have to pay additional charge to replace the disc. If the package manage to return to us, you will have to pay for the shipping cost again, in order to re-ship your order. We will not re-ship for free due to the mistake was made by the customer's side. 

Will you use plenty of packing materials?
We always use padded envelope with plenty of bubble wrap. We add more wrap and use boxes whenever it is necessary to protect the package. Up until now, we never receive a single complaint regarding our packing standard. However, do note that we are not responsible for lost or damaged package due to improper / extreme / rough mishandling by the postal office / postal workers.

Can you ship to another address other than my billing address?
Yes, we can ship to another address other than your billing / confirmed address, but only in special circumstances only. To check if you're eligible, do contact us regarding this issue.

Why the shipping fee cost more when I order less?
When you placed an order for only 1 - 2 DVDs, shipping from our area became ineffective. Thus we cannot absorb and subsidize the shipping fee as much as we intended. We highly recommend you to order more from us, in order to save on shipping cost.


What is your general exchange policy?
ALL SALES ARE FINAL. ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE NON-RETURNABLE. Defective disc can be and will be exchanged ONLY with same volume, series, SET. We will not replace any incompatible disc as well. Although the defective replacement is free, buyer may be required to ship back the defects disc to us at their own expense, depends on each circumstances. After 30 days has passed, you may be charged for another shipping cost and a small fee to cover our expenses.

Can I cancel my order and request a full refund?
You may request for a refund within 3 days (72 hours) from your purchase date. Once 3 days (72 hours) has passed or when we already processing / shipped your order, you can no longer request for a full refund. There is NO exception to this refund policy. Please allow us a few days to process and issue the refund (typically within 2 - 3 business day).

ALL Bitcoin payment is immediately NOT eligible for refunds.

ALL order that exceed USD $ 300 or more, is immediately NOT eligible for refund.

Will I receive my refund in full amount?
Due to the recent policy changes from our payment processor, all eligible refund request will now incur a deductible fee of 4.9% derived from the original payment amount. Our payment processor charged a fixed, non-refundable merchant fee. This merchant fee will not be returned even if our customer request for a refund. Therefore, we are now mitigating the said fee to customer side, as the responsibility lies to the one who requested for a cancellation. For example, if a customer makes a $ 75.00 payment, and immediately requested for a refund, then they will receive a refund in the amount of $ 71.32   In addition, please be aware that the deductible fee for original payment amount below $ 30.00 could be up to 10%.

How will I receive my refund?

Your refund will be instantly returned to your credit balance or your refund will go back straight to your credit card. Please allows up to 1 - 2 weeks for the refund to be processed and reflected on your card statement.

What is a defective disc?
A defective disc is a disc that failed to function properly, even without any visible scratch, fingerprints, or smudges in the bottom side of the disc. Defective disc will result in several of these common playback issues (often happends during the main movie, not during extra footages): skipping, glitches, sudden permanent stops / freezing, unfinished playback, total unplayable, error lines starts to appear, and so forth. If you experiencing this issues, there is no doubt that the disc is defective. Please notify us about the issue and we will process your replacement disc as soon as possible.

A disc might not be defective if; the main movie plays just fine, some menus are not accessible, missing or no visible disc menu, missing episode (said episode may be banned or not exist), missing extra footages, one or two unresponsive menu, broken picture in disc menu, can be played in another player but failed to play in your player (due to weak Player lens / incompatible region), error in playback due to a dirty disc that is filled with dust, smudge, or fingerprints. If you are not sure that your disc is defective, please describe your problem to us, as detail as possible.

What if your disc cannot be played in my player (not compatible)?
Before contacting us, We suggest you try the disc in different player or PC/Notebook or your friend's player/PC. If the disc plays fine, then it is not defective, rather, it is incompatible. We do NOT issue replacement for incompatible disc. Should the disc cannot be played in other players / notebook, the disc might be defective. Sudden permanent stops counts as defects as well. You may contact us so we can identify the problem.

What should I do if I received defective disc? (Replacement Request)
We are deeply apologize if part of your order came in as defective. Please e-mail us as soon as you can, describe the problems, and we will get back to you in regards whether you are required to return the defective disc  to us or not. If we do not ask you to return the defective disc, that's means we will process and ships your replacement as soon as possible, free of charge, using our method of shipment. You can keep the defective disc.

Should we required you to return the defective disc, we will give our return address and your "RMA number". Our defective return address is not the same as the one listed on your package, therefore,  please DO NOT return your order to the return address listed on your package. Any unauthorized returns will NOT be processed and we will no longer be responsible for that package. You are entitled for free exchange after we verified the disc is indeed defective. We will ship free of charge, via our method of shipment. PLEASE NOTE: If you falsely claimed the disc as defective, we will only able to return the SAME disc to you, once you repay the shipping cost again.

How long is the time limit for defective returns? (After Service)
Defects that is reported during 30 days from the date you received your package, will be entitled for free replacement and free shipping of our choice. After 30 days has passed, we still provide replacement service, however, you will be charged for another shipping cost and a small fee to cover our expenses. Please note, free shipping for replacement is limited to one time shipment only. If you request another replacement for the same series, for the second time, shipping is no longer free. You will be charged for another shipping cost.


I have contacted you several times, but I got no reply?
Some customers claimed that we never reply their e-mail. The painfully truth is, we do send reply under a few hours. Don't let this happened to you. If you send an e-mail and not receiving any respond within a day or two, there are two possibilities. We can read your mail but our response is automatically being filtered to the junk mail box by your mail server. In this case, you should check your junk mail and mark our response as "not junk". The other reason, your mail server (company such as comcast, netzero, etc) automatically blocks and delete any incoming mail from free e-mail account such as: hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail. To solve this issue, try to use other e-mail account and e-mail us again, until you get a respond from us.

Is it secure to place an order from you?

Unlike most today's website, your payment and shipping information are not stored in our site. All of your personal information remains safe within our payment processor database. Thus, should anything ever happen to this site, your personal information WILL NEVER BE compromised. Simply because it never existed and never stored within this website at the first place (no database exist within our website). We only use your information to process and ship your order, nothing more. We will never use / sell any personal information to other parties, especially to advertising company.

Can I add something to my previous order?
In the event that you may have placed another order within 1 - 3 days from your initial order, you are entitled to Combined Shipping Service, which will combine both orders into one shipment. We usually combine orders automatically if the conditions are met. However, you are welcome to contact us should you need confirmation from us. Once your orders is combined, we may marked your order status as "+1" or "+2" indicating there's more than one order within one shipment package. "+R" stands for Revision.

How to pay you using Bitcoin?
Yes we do have a guideline for Bitcoin payment.
Please click here to read more information regarding Bitcoin Payment.

How much do you charge for shipping?
Once you placed an order, we will manually calculate the shipping cost for you. However, as a general estimate, please refer to our shipping cost chart, located here in the shipping information page.

I don't see the EMS rate, how much should I pay for EMS?
To obtain the EMS rate of your order, you will have to contact us for a quote.

Why the shipping fee cost more when I order less?
When you placed an order for only 1 - 2 DVDs, shipping from our area became ineffective. Thus we cannot absorb and subsidize the shipping fee as much as we intended. We highly recommend you to order more from us, in order to save on shipping cost.

Do you have minimum / maximum limit for ordering?
We do not have minimum / maximum limit. However, as a general rule of thumb, you can save more by purchasing a bundle of sets than by purchasing single DVD.

What is the difference between set and partial price?
SET price is basically a discounted price if you decide to buy the complete series at once, rather than one single DVD. Partial price is the price for a single DVD for those who only need to buy certain volume of any series. Useful for tester, replacement, additional discs, and so forth.

Can I have your phone number?
E-mail is the only and the fastest way to communicate with us. We do not have any real time, stand by, customer service over the phone . Please direct all of your questions to our e-mail at:


What is your refund & exchange policy for Blu-Ray disc?
Blu-Ray disc carry the same policy as our DVD product. As with Blu-Ray, we want to emphasize that you are responsible to make sure your player / drive / console are able to play Blu-Ray disc and are in good condition (good reading laser)  to do so. Older player with weak laser tends to be picky, in which disc they are able to play. We will replace defective disc if it is proven to be defective. For instance, if a disc failed to play in old player with weak laser, but the same disc happens to play perfectly fine in other player (eg. newer player with good laser), then clearly the problem lies on the player side, not the disc. As such, we will not replace the disc as it is not proven to be defective. If we do replace the said disc, the issue most likely will not go away, until you replace the faulty player.

What do I need to play the Blu-Ray disc? (minimum requirement)
You will need a Blu-Ray player in order to play the Blu-Ray disc, preferably the recently released one, as the reading laser durability is still in good condition. Please do not order the Blu-Ray disc if you own a DVD player, as it cannot play Blu-Ray disc. We are not liable and cannot provide refunds for this misconception. You can use gaming system / console that have Blu-Ray drive such as PS4 or PS3 as well, although the latter might cause several playback issue due to the system being outdated / no longer supported by the manufacturer (no more firmware update) and generally have weak laser due to age. You can also use PC or Notebook / Laptop that is equipped with Blu-Ray drive. Please note, not all PC or Notebook are equipped with Blu-Ray drive, and not all of them have the built in software to play Blu-Ray movie. You may need to purchase or download additional software for your PC / Notebook.

Why using an old outdated Blu-Ray player is not recommended?
You might still be able to use your old outdated player, however, You might experience several playback issues. The first problem is the Blu-Ray reading laser that is utilized to read the disc. This laser is a consumeable component and not designed to last forever. There will be one point in time when the laser will fail due to age or usage, thus rendering either totally unplayable situation or the player become picky, that it only play certain disc. The next thing is that the Blu-Ray disc might have certain JAVA built-in programming. This different programing could cause the disc to load longer than the other disc, it could even fail to load in outdated player (freeze, black screen). Thus a firmware upgrade for your player may be required in order to run the recently released disc.

Does the Blu-Ray disc have regional lock / coding?
Japanese Blu-Ray generally do not have any regional coding. However, as a minimum requirement, you should have REGION (A) Blu-Ray player. Region A player can be easily obtained in any electronic stores in USA, JAPAN, KOREA, TAIWAN, and SOUTH EAST ASIA.

The subtitle did not shows up when I play the Blu-Ray.
Please note, by default, the subtitle feature is set to OFF (inactive). To activate the Subtitle, please press the "Subtitle" button on your remote. Consult with your player's user manual, if your remote do not feature any "Subtitle" button. Please make sure the series you purchase have English Subtitle feature listed on our website. Be advised, not all of our Blu-Ray have English Subtitle feature.

Why there is no Subtitle for the extra contents in the Blu-Ray disc?
Be advised that the Subtitle feature is only for main feature (main movie) only.  All of the extra contents are not Subtitled. This follows general standard similar to the Western release, where as bloopers, director cut, etc, do not have Subtitle.

What is the meaning of Normal Edition and Special Edition on Blu-Ray Movie?
Special edition means you will get both the main movie disc and the special bonus disc. Many exciting bonus features such as: the making of, live roadshows, live performance, stage greetings, special interviews, special PV and trailers are loaded separately into the bonus disc. As for Normal edition, you will get the main movie disc only. Please note, we do not offer the bonus disc separately.

What is the meaning of Blu-Ray SuperSaver Price ?
We understand that often you have to pay more to ship the unwanted box packaging. Perhaps all you ever wanted is just to watch the series. Perhaps your home doesn't need extra clutter? Fret not, we are now offering the discounted SuperSaver price, where as we discard the box packaging and ship only the disc with padded envelope. We will recycle the packaging and keep the proceedings. This way, not only you saved on shipping, you also get extra discount from our SuperSaver price.

What is the meaning of Full Screen and Standard Subtitle?
This is our way to indicate the Subtitle's position placement. Full screen subtitle placement means the subtitle can pop up anywhere on the screen. It could be at the bottom, top, or mid screen. It can show up in sequence or even showing up at the same time, all together. As for standard position, it is just your ordinary standard subtitle, it only appears at the bottom of the screen, in sequence.

Why the Blu-Ray Subtitle quality vary from one series to another?
There's plenty of people or team involved in producing the subtitle. As such, you might encounter different subtitle style, translation, and quality, for each series. In some cases, the series is translated to other language first such as Portuguese, Chinese, Malay, Spanish, then got machine translated to English. To better assist you with Blu-Ray subtitle quality, we provide a simple grade system placed in each Blu-Ray product description page, at the Extra Feature section:

Grade A - Excellent translation quality, fancy subtitle styling (sometimes have colors), full screen position
Grade B - Very good translation quality, no styling, just like the normal subtitle (bottom position only)
Grade C - Passable, so-so translation, sometimes machine translated, no styling, normal subtitle (bottom)

Why there's no interactive button in your Blu-Ray MENU sample screenshot?
Most blu-ray disc player application that run on computer, do not allow us to take screenshot of blu-ray video or its menu. Mainly due to build-in license protection within the application. Instead, we utilize a third party file viewer to capture the screen. While this application can capture video and subtitle perfectly, unfortunately, it can only capture the menu background without all of the interactive buttons or features.

Why the picture quality from the 1982 series looks better than 1995 series?
The way the studio preserve the MASTER FILM / REEL plays a big role in this issue. If the MASTER is not well preserved, then the final product simply will not shows significant improvement in High Definition (HD). There's a lot of people and team involved in remastering old series. Conversely different style and standard were being applied in the process. These adjustment were made to offset the film that was shoot with different camera & video equipment  years ago. They will have to apply different approach for each series, to make the film looks pristine in High Definition. As the result, the final release might be significantly different in terms of picture quality, from one series to another, sometimes even one episode could look differently from the rest of the episodes of the same series. That being said, Blu-Ray release generally looks far better than their DVD counterpart. Unless the Blu-Ray release is advertised as an Upscale of DVD, which offers just a bit of improvement from the DVD release.

Why is there a brief scene that looks blurry, like it wasn't in High Definition 1080p.
These issues are common in older series as the MASTER films / Reels were no longer in peak condition (aging). As the result, when the remastering team was trying to restore that specific frame, they could not produce the same high quality picture as opposed to the rest of the frame that were contained in the better condition MASTER Film.

When I insert the Blu-Ray disc, the screen just freeze. What happend?
Please wait for your system to fully load the Blu-Ray disc. Due to it's capacity and interactive content, sometimes the disc need a few minute to properly load. Sometimes the laser temperature inside your system is unstable (condensation). Let the system regulate its temperature a bit. Turn your system on and leave it alone for about 10 - 15 minutes. It may solve the unplayable disc problem.

My PS3 cannot play your Blu-Ray product, but it can play other disc and PS3 game just fine.
We do not recommend using a PS3 because it is an old outdated system (firmware is discontinued) and it's laser generally weak due to age and usage. PS3 have known to be picky in which movie disc it able to play. There are plenty of consumer complaints regarding this matter on Google. Several of them mentioned that they were unable to play certain Blu-Ray movie, but they can still play PS3 game just fine, and even can play several other Blu-Ray movie. We have tested the said complains with our own PS3 and we confirmed the issue is very true. Everytime a disc failed to play in our PS3, we immediately tested it in PS4 and other Blu-Ray player, turns out the disc runs just fine. Therefore, we highly recommend you to use PS4 as it is more stable than PS3 in terms of playing Blu-Ray Movie Disc. If you still wish to use PS3 as Blu-Ray player, then our suggestion would be to upgrade it to the latest firmware available. Delete movies catche. Replace it's laser when it is due (you may need to send it to the professional). Doing restart and eject the disc repeatedly, sometimes help.

Blu-Ray freeze, black screen, unplayable, player getting picky, what are the solution for these issues?

Please follow these troubleshooting steps carefully, it may help you solve the problem at hand:

Please make sure to update your player's firmware to the latest version available (in the official manufacturer website).

Reboot your player, eject the unplayable disc, put it back, and press play. If it still fail, repeat this cycle for about 3 times.

Please eject the unplayable disc. Insert another Blu-ray disc and make sure your player can play this other Blu-Ray disc just fine. Let the player run the disc for a bit, then eject this disc. Put back the unplayable disc and Press play. It may fix the problem.

Sometimes the laser temperature inside your system is unstable (condensation). Let the system regulate its temperature a bit. Turn your system on and leave it  alone for about 10 - 15 minutes. It may solve the unplayable disc problem.

If the above steps failed, please use another player or PC with Blu-Ray drive. Try playing the disc at your friend's & family's player. If the disc plays normally, then the issue lies in your player. Your player's laser might be weak. Weak laser tends to be picky on which disc it can play. Consider purchasing a newer player.

If other players and PC still failed to play the disc, please report the issue to us. There's a chance your disc is defective.


How do I check for my player compatibility?
Note your DVD player model number and Click Here to do a compatibility check. The more media your player can play & the more newer model of your player, then the more compatible it will.

I got R1 Player, How do I play your R2 DVD?

R2 DVD is just a figure of speech for Japanese Digitally Remastered / Restored High Quality DVD product. As a matter of fact, all of our DVDs are Free Region / Region 0. Unlike US market, the Japanese market seldom use regional protection as the barrier lies in the spoken language already. DVD can be played in all DVD players of any region codes. If you still can't play the DVD due to regional issue, let us know your model number and we can provide a way to unlock your player at no additional charge.

What is your DVD quality?
We provide large screen caps for you to evaluate the quality of our product. Moreover, in each section of DVD product description, right below the stated number of DVDs, you can see the source of that particular DVD. Please go here for more in-depth DVD quality information.

What is this Digitally Remastered R2 DVD?

It is the highest quality available for a series until the release of Blu-Ray or HD DVDs. R2 DVD have highest quality because every single episodes were digitally restored, digitally enhanced in both sound and picture. This often makes the picture more brilliant bright and sharper as well as having a clearer sound than any other release such as Laser Disc. In addition, most of the R2 DVD have exclusive extras such as non-credit OP/ED scenes, cast interviews, art galleries, extra goodies, and much more.

Why is the Subtitle quality differs from one series to another?
Subtitles are made by many team instead of one team doing all of the job. These team have different translator, different country background / accent, and different workstyle when handling these subtitles. Therefore, the quality of the subtitle will be different from one series to another. The difference could be minor or even major. However the subtitle quality generally does not hinder the overall experience, as it is better than watching without any subtitle. We generally do screen caps of the subtitle for you to review before purchasing.

Can I play your DVD in my Flat LCD / LED HDTV?
All of our DVDs were tested on 55" LED HDTV and guaranteed to be fully compatible with any HDTV. We suggest using a DVD player that have HDMI output and an Upscale feature (such as Playstation 3 and several known brands of Blu Ray Player), as it has definitely proven to increase the DVD picture quality on HDTV. Do note, you can enjoy improved picture quality in HDTV, ONLY by playing high-end DVD quality such as R2 Remastered or Digital TV. If you play low-end quality, such as VCD quality on your HDTV, the picture will mostly came out blurry.

I want xx series, Can I do special order from you?
Unfortunately, we do not do any of special order. However, you're more than welcome to make a suggestion for the series you'd like to have. We might be able to get a hold of the series that you suggested in the future. Nevertheless, we make no guarantee that we will get a hold of the series you want in the future.

Do you have this "xx" series subbed in English?
In each section of DVD product description, right below the language of the DVD, you will find if the particular series does have English or other subtitle or even no subtitle at all. In the event that the series does not have subtitle, please check back often since we're always replacing our products with higher quality and English Subbed.

I only need episode x and x. What volume should I buy?
Each DVD have different arrangement of number of episodes per DVD. Within normal condition, an R2 DVDs have 5 - 6 episodes per DVDs, while HK DVDs can have up to 8 Episodes. As such, please e-mail us regarding which episodes you'd like to buy. We will try our best to reply within timely manner with the information you need.

I don't want DVD, Can I buy your series in VCD format?
Unfortunately, we no longer carry VCD format. We believe that the VCD format is not effective in terms of quality, size, and cost. We hope there's other dealers out there who might can help you.

Do you use photoshop to manipulate the DVD screen caps?

We do not manipulate our screen caps. We take them directly from the disc. However, do keep in mind that all screen caps picture were compressed and resized as jpeg format to save your access time. As such, generally screen caps are a bit in lower quality than what was in the actual disc.

Can I order US / UK Edition as opposed to Japanese Edtion?
Due to licensing / regional issue, we won't be able to offer series that is released in the USA or UK (US edition, UK edition). However, such product can be purchased in their respective local market or online venue such as Amazon. It is been our mission to provide rare series, hard to come by, import commodities sourced from Japan, as the series are somewhat difficult to obtain, especially when it became out of print.