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Special Edition (w/ box) $22.95
Normal Edition (w/ box) $ 14.95
Number of Disc 1 Disc + 1 Bonus (special ed)
Video Specs 16:9 Widescreen - 1080P HD
Audio Specs 5.1 Channel LPCM
Language Japanese
Subtitle English / OFF
Menu Function Japanese Interactive
Source HD Digital Remastered


Release Date in Theater: 11 June 2011

The film begins during the Great Legend War, where the Goseigers are outnumbered by the Space Empire Zangyack after Gosei Great is heavily damaged. They duck for cover as they come under fire by Zangyack ships. The newest Super Sentai team find themselves surrounded by Gormin and Sugormin. Akarenger and Big One rescue the Goseigers. The two Legends tell the Goseigers to join them in assembling all of the Super Sentai Groups to defeat the invaders. DekaMaster, DekaSwan, Hyuuga the Black Knight, Princess Shinken Red, Wolzard Fire, MagiMother, Zubaan, Signalman, Rio and Mele appear to clear a path for the heroes. All 34 Super Sentai groups converge for one last battle and topple whole squadrons of Gormin Sailors and Sugormin Non-Commissioned Officers, but are overwhelmed by the Zangyack battleships.

Akarenger gives the order for all of the groups to combine their powers into one attack, which wipes out the entire Zangyack invasion fleet. Consequently, all of the Super Sentai warriors lose their powers, which are dispersed all over the universe, which while flying over the Earth, AkaRed noticed the powers flying all over the universe. The Goseigers, Satoru Akashi, Saki Rouyama, Chiaki Tani, and Genta Umemori all note that their powers were drained after using them to defeat Zangyack's armada. Alata notes that despite not having powers, they could still defend the planet. Despite the sacrifice, new Zangyack forces return a few years later. However, by then the majority of these powers have since been recovered by the Gokaigers, who use them in the form of Ranger Keys as part of their arsenal in their quest for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. In the present day (timeline: Gokaiger Episode 16 and 17) Gokaiger, along with Goseiger, who have lost their powers from the Legend War, must team up in order to fight against the new enemy.


- English Subtitle (Full Screen) (Grade A) (Removeable)
- Trailers and Special Information
- TV SPOT Clip Collection
- Creditless Clean Ending Clip


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