Set Price $64.95
Partial Price $8.00 / DVD
Number of DVDs 9 DVDs
Number of Episodes 54 Episodes
Completed Series Completed
Language Japanese
Subtitle -
Menu Function Japanese Interactive
Source Digitally Remastered

Original Run: April 01, 1972 to April 07, 1973

It's the late 1500s. Japan is in the midst of a long period of civil wars. As some seek to unite Japan in order to bring peace there are others who forment conflict in order to empower themselves. Three orphans, a young man (Shishimaru), a young woman (Saori) and a young boy (Kosuke) travel around saving people from Akuma Gosun (Devil Gosun). Shishimaru carries two swords, an ordinary sword with which he fights most of his battles and a magical sword given to him by his mentor Osho-sama. It is this sword which transforms him into Kaiketsu Lion Maru.

Shishimaru wears the sword on his back. The sword is locked, with a chain, into its sheath and can only be removing when Shishimaru recites the magical words "Kaze O! Hikari O! Ninp˘ Shishi-Hengen!" ("Wind, Light, Ninja Skill, Lion-Transform!"). The sword has a mind of its own and will not always open the first time. After slicing the monster Kaiketsu Lion Maru draws his hand down the backside of his sword, when he does this the monster explodes. He also has the power to make the wind blow against the monsters (Ninp˘ Hurricane) and to heat his sword.

After Kaiketsu Lion Maru has defeated the monster he sheathes the sword, which causes him to revert back to Shishimaru. Shishi is Japanese for "lion". Kaiketsu Lion Maru fights Akuma Gosun (Devil Gosun). In episode 8 the leader of Akuma Gosun makes a monster out of water and charges it with the taks of killing Lion Maru. This creature takes charge of the other monsters, instructing them in how to kill Lion Maru. After his second in command is killed (episode 20) the leader of Gosun picks a human warrior, J§nosuke, to give a magic sword which transforms him into Kaiketsu Lion Maru's equal Tiger Jo (episode 27).


- Digitally Restored Visual and Audio (Digitally Remastered) DVD
- Interactive Menu Split Chapters (OP, PART A, PART B, ED, NEXT EPS)
- Special interview from various staff and guest
- Used Props gallery with complete close-up photo & details
- Pop-Up books close-up photo & details of the story in the book
- Main characters and guest character detailed profile
- Detailed Hero profile along with specific abilities chart
- Detailed Episode Guide with check point
- Akuma Gosun Clan in-depth detailed Profile
- Digital Kaiketsu Lion Maru Photograph Gallery
- Lion's Angel Girl Gallery, Tiger Joe Individual Gallery
- Digital Sound Effect Gallery
- Full screen Presentation, NTSC, Aspect Ratio 4 : 3
- Dolby Digital Stereo: Japanese Track
- All / Free / No Regional Coding

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