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Partial Price $8.00 / DVD
Number of DVDs 6 DVDs
Number of Episodes 47 Episodes
Completed Series Completed
Language Japanese
Subtitle English / Chinese / OFF
Menu Function English Interactive
Source DVD-HK LD Remastered

Original Run: July 3, 1986 to May 28, 1987

The story takes place on the mechanical world of Cronos. A band of villains called the Gyandlar have come to the planet in search of the mythical energy know as the Hyribead. Kirai Stol, Chief of the Cronos tribe and master of Tenkū Chūshin Ken martial art. He taught the art to his children Guardi, Rom, and Leina as well as Blue Jet, Rod Drill, and Bug Newman. He is killed in the first episode after refusing to tell the evil Gyandler about the Hyribead. He bequeaths the sword Kenrō to his son and tells him to fight the evil Gyandler to protect his planet.

Rom Stol, master of the martial art Tenkū Chūshin Ken (Sky Space Heart Fist). Using the Wolf Sword Kenrō, Rom can combine with Kenryū and Baikanfū for more power. KenRyu is a larger robot body of Rom Stol. At the peak of light energy, Kenrō can cross the dimensional barrier and call forth Kenryū. When Rom combines with Kenryū, his power increases by tens. When the combination is complete, he says, "Wherever there is darkness, there is light. Wherever there is evil there is also good! The emissary from the heavens, Kenryū, is here!". Baikanfu, the largest robot body of Rom and summoned at the command of "Heaven, Earth, Fire and Water, grant me the power!". When Baikanfū synchronizes with the planet's energy, he can draw upon the power of nature.

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- Clean / Creditless Opening & Ending Clips (all version)
- Full screen Presentation, NTSC, Aspect Ratio 4 : 3
- Dolby Digital Stereo: Japanese Track
- All / Free / No Regional Coding

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