About the Updates of Order Status Page:
Please do keep in mind that this page is not real-time updated. Should you recently placed an order or if your order was just recently shipped, it may not be posted here until after in a few business days later. For your convenience, this page only display the current active orders. Past order history are no longer displayed.

How to read your temporary Customer ID:
Due to privacy concern, your ID will consist of 3 - 4 first or last digit of your e-mail address. For instance, if your complete e-mail address is:  then your Customer ID will be known as joh or 106

Combining and Revision of Your Orders:
In the event that you have placed additional order within 1 - 3 days from your initial order, you are entitled to Combined Shipping. We usually combine orders by default. However, you are welcome to contact us regarding combining orders. Once combined, we will marked your order status as "+1" or "+2" indicating there's more than one order within one shipment. "+R" stands for revision of address.

Active Order Status Page -  Last Updated at:
Tuesday October 31, 2017

1995 TIA JUL 25, 2017 SHIPPED - AUG 18, 2017
1996 EME AUG 02, 2017 SHIPPED - AUG 18, 2017
1997 S.D AUG 11, 2017 SHIPPED - AUG 18, 2017
1998 JAM AUG 11, 2017 SHIPPED - AUG 18, 2017
1999 MAR AUG 18, 2017 SHIPPED - AUG 29, 2017
2000 JAM AUG 20, 2017 SHIPPED - AUG 29, 2017
2001 LAU SEP 05, 2017 SHIPPED - OCT 27, 2017
2002 MAT SEP 28, 2017 SHIPPED - OCT 27, 2017
2003 EME SEP 29, 2017 SHIPPED - OCT 27, 2017


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