Due to change in our distribution channel, we are no longer shipping from the United States. Our new shipping departments across the Asia regions, will replace the United States. From now on, we will use Registered Airmail as our default shipping method. EMS is available upon request. (EDIT: from March 2015: We no longer ship via EMS.)


01 - 03 discs USD $ 10.00 USD $ 15.00 USD $ 15.00
04 - 10 discs USD $ 10.00 USD $ 25.00 USD $ 30.00
11 - 15 discs USD $ 15.00 USD $ 25.00 USD $ 45.00
16 - 20 discs USD $ 15.00 USD $ 30.00 USD $ 55.00
21 - 30 discs USD $ 20.00 USD $ 45.00 contact us
31+ and more contact us contact us contact us

*** Rates may vary at any given time, in accordance with the global postal union policy.

What is Registered Airmail?
Registered Airmail is a worldwide regular postal product. It offers a lower cost alternative compared to EMS, while still maintaining decent delivery time and tracking. This is our default shipping method.

What is the benefit of Registered Airmail?
A lower cost alternative compared to EMS while still maintaining decent delivery time, deliver to some countries that are outside of EMS service coverage area, and have a limited tracking service.

What is EMS? (EDIT: from March 2015: We no longer ship via EMS.)

Express Mail Service (known as EMS or SpeedPost) is a worldwide premium postal product. Every post office in the world have a special EMS division separating this premium service from the other postal services. That way, EMS service always get speedy prioritized handling.

What is the benefit of EMS?

Speedy & Prioritized service, delivery on Saturday & Sunday (in some country), 24/7 package tracking, door-to-door service, requires signature at delivery point, automatic re-delivery (if they missed you at the first time), clears the customs faster and prioritized lost package claim.

Great !! But isn't EMS is too expensive?

We do notice that EMS is a bit expensive than most of other post office shipping services. However, EMS rates are less pricey compared to private shipping companies that offers the same quality service as EMS, such as UPS and Fedex.

How much do you charge for shipping?
Once you placed an order, we will manually calculate the shipping cost for you. However, as a general estimate, please refer to the above shipping cost chart.

I don't see the EMS rate, how much should I pay for EMS?
To obtain the EMS rate of your order, you will have to contact us for a quote.

Excellent !! How long is the transit time?
Registered Airmail generally reach  the destination country within 1 - 3 weeks.
Express Mail generally reach the destination country within 3 - 7 days.

Orders from Australia, Europe, and Asia have less transit time compared to orders from United States and South America. Package might get delayed for a few days up to 1 - 2 weeks, depends on the post office and airport customs in your country. Delay is most likely occurs during or near National Holiday Season such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday season observed in your country.  While we regret this, we simply don't have control over the post office, customs process, and holiday delay in your country.

Do I need to travel to the post office to get my package?
All EMS package comes with signature confirmation. You'll have to sign the package in order to receive it. If the post man missed you twice, they'll leave a card for you to bring into the nearest post office in order to pickup your package. On the other hand, Registered Airmail do not comes with signature confirmation, that means they will leave the package at the nearest convenient place such as leasing office, apartment package locker, club house, your front door, or bring it back to post office.

What if I forgot to pick up my package at the post office?
In the event that you forgot to pick up your package at the post office within certain days of it's arrival date (differs in each country, could be 7 to 14 days), the post office will automatically return the package to us. Once they ship back the package to us, that will only means more trouble for you. If the package is lost, you will have to pay additional charge to replace the disc. If the package manage to return to us, you will have to pay for the shipping cost again, in order to re-ship your order. We will not re-ship for free due to the mistake was made by the customer's side.

Will you use plenty of packing materials?
We always use padded envelope with plenty of bubble wrap. We add more wrap and use boxes whenever it is necessary to protect the package. We never hear even a single complaint from a customer regarding packing materials issue. However, do note that we are not responsible for lost or damaged package due to improper extreme rough handling by the postal office / postal workers.

Can you ship to another address other than my billing address?
Yes, we can ship to another address other than your billing / confirmed address, but only in special circumstances only. To check if you're eligible, do contact us regarding this issue.

Why the shipping fee cost more when I order less?
When you placed an order for only 1 - 2 DVDs, shipping from our area became ineffective. Thus we cannot absorb and subsidize the shipping fee as much as we intended. We highly recommend you to order more from us, in order to save on shipping cost.

What is my tracking number?
We will automatically send a shipping notification to you within 2 - 3 business day, from the date your order was shipped. The said e-mail will contain your tracking number and some helpful information regarding your package. If you did not get our shipping notification, please do contact us immediately.

Why my tracking info is not updated?
Since the postal service most of the time offers less pricey service compared to private shipping such as UPS and Fedex, the postal tracking might not be as good. Sometimes it could get worse to the point that your package is already in your hand before the tracking info gets updated. Nevertheless, the tracking service often offers a good estimation for your package arrival. does not show my package tracking, why is that? is for tracking package inbound to USA residents. If you're not currently reside in USA, you can conveniently track your package at:

What if my package is lost in the mail?
Technically, once we drop the package at the post office, the package is no longer under our control. It is up to the post office to deliver the package to you, in a timely manner. Unfortunately, package sometimes do get delayed or lost during shipping. If you are one of the few unfortunate customers who experience this, do not worry, unlike other dealer, we will do our best to assist our customers with their lost package.

After waiting for a reasonable transit time period (please add 1 - 2 weeks more, in case of a delay), notify us with the issue and we will work it out. If your package lost in transit, we will try our best to recover the shipment for you and make a claim with the post office. Should the recovery failed, what we can do is make the exact order free of charge (or small replacement fee might apply), but you might have to pay for the shipping cost again. If we won the claim, shipping to your residence will be free of charge.