Set Price $69.95
Partial Price $8.00 / DVD
Number of DVDs 10 DVDs
Number of Episodes 53 Episodes
Completed Series Completed
Language Japanese
Subtitle -
Menu Function Japanese Interactive
Source Digitally Remastered

Original Run: February 4, 1991 to January 27, 1992

"In times when criminality has increased, there were young ones who risked their own youth to help human lives and hearts. This is the Special Investigation Rescue Police"

After Winspector police team leaves Japan to fight crime in France, Chief Shunsuke Masaki realizes he must create a new police team to defend Tokyo from the criminality menaces. He then creates Solbrain, a group of high-technology special rescue force, expert in missions that requires firepower and human life rescue. Their leader is Daiki Nishio, a rookie detective who is able to use the Plus Up command in his car to transform into SolBraver. Other members include Reiko Higuchi, who is also able to use Plus Up command to transform into SolJeanne, SolBraver's female counterpart, and SolDozer, a yellow dozer robot. Later in the series, the Winspector comes back to Japan to team up with Solbrain for a three-part episode (21, 22 and 23), and from episode 34 on, Ryouma/Fire joins the team permanently with a new alter-ego: Knight Fire, wearing a Solid Suit similar to Daiki, in red color.

- Digitally Restored Visual and Audio (Digitally Remastered) DVD
- Interactive Menu Split Chapters (OP, PART A, PART B, ED, NEXT EPS)
- Full screen Presentation, NTSC, Aspect Ratio 4 : 3
- Dolby Digital Stereo: Japanese Track
- All / Free / No Regional Coding

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