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Special Edition (w/ box) $22.95
Normal Edition (w/ box) $ 14.95
Number of Disc 1 Disc + 1 Bonus (special ed)
Video Specs 16:9 Widescreen - 1080P HD
Audio Specs 2.0 Channel Dolby TrueHD
Language Japanese
Subtitle English / OFF
Menu Function Japanese Interactive
Source HD Digital Remastered


Release Date in Theater: 17 June 2017

Geki Jumonji, the new Space Sheriff Gavan and his partner Shelly are about to raid a deal involving Mad Gallant, a member of the Space Criminal Organization Genmaku. However, instead of waiting for backup, Geki decides to confront the enemies himself. The deal is revealed to be a trap, with Mad Gallant defeating Geki and Shelly apparently killed by one of his companions. When Banban Akaza from the Fire Squad arrives, he finds a wounded Geki and Shelly's body missing. Though eager to avenge Shelly, Geki is taken off the case by Director Sophie, who claims that in his current state, he is a liability. However, upon having a glance at her monitor, he finds the name of Marika "Jasmine" Hiwatari, a member of Earth's Dekarangers (who has the power of psychometry). Geki interrupts the marriage of Marika's fellow Dekarangers Senichi and Koume to ask for their help, seemingly under a request from the Galactic Union Police.

With Hoji, Senichi and Koume in tow, Geki takes Jasmine to the crime scene, where they discover the identity of the shooter, Kuronen, and track him down to Earth where they confront him alongside Mad Gallant and his aid Benikiba as well. During the fight, Gavan's Laser Blade is destroyed, but he is rescued in the nick of time by Ban. As the criminals escape once again, Gavan and the others return to the Dekarangers' base, where their investigation connects Mad Gallant and his cohorts with a mysterious case of hundreds of people drained of all of their blood, and the manufacturing company "Smile and Gentleness". How will this rogue policeman approach Mad Gallant with his broken Laser Blade? Can he cooperate with Dekaranger and rescue Shelly in time? Find out in this special movie with special fan service for both Gavan and Dekaranger fans around the world.


- English Subtitle (Full Screen) (Grade A) (Removeable)
- Audio Commentary from Cast Members
- Various PR Collection Clips

- The making of Space Squad VS Dekaranger (Bonus Disc)
- The making of Girls in Trouble Episode Zero (Bonus Disc)
- PV Clips of Laser Blade Origin (Bonus Disc)
- Design and Poster Digital Gallery (Bonus Disc)


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