Here's the quick step by step trading procedure:

1. Browse and pick the series that you like.
2. Open your e-mail client and send to:

3. Write your complete address and your country.
4. Write your active e-mail (the one that you use / check everyday).
5. Write the series that you need to obtain from us.

6. Compile your series list carefully, follow the requirement below.
7. List must have series name, # of DVD, source, complete or not.
8. Send your e-mail and send it again if you got no reply in 48 hours.
9. We will choose and make adjustment for our trade.

10. Upon reaching the fair agreement for both of us,
11. We'll give our address and you'll have to ship your series to us first.
12. Be very sure to check all of your series before sending them out.

13. Upon the arrival, your series will gone through rigorous inspections.
14. We will test it 1 by 1, looking for missing episode, glitch, unplayable, etc.
15. In the event we found defects, we will need you to send replacement.
16. We will not release our series until your replacement has arrived.

17. Once all of your DVDs passed our inspections, we will ship our DVDs
18. If you find any defects from our series, please notify us for replacement.

General rule / common ground / expectations

- We will match the same shipping method (or close) as what you'll used for us.
- Our trading ratio is vary but most of the time it's going to be 1 : 1 DVD
- Do note that one R2 DVD series is not the same as one Digital TV DVD.
- As our standard, we're always looking for R2 DVDs or DVD with Eng-Subs.

- At the very lowest, VCD in 6 DVDs quality for whole series is still acceptable.
- Example, Liveman 49 Episodes in 6 DVDs (with VCD quality) is acceptable.

- VCD in less than 6 DVDs quality for whole series will mostly be rejected.
- Example, Liveman 49 Episodes in 4 DVDs (whatever quality) will be rejected.
- Of course our decision will vary for series that only have 5 - 30 episodes.

- Due to fraud, we expect you to send your series first before we send ours.
- Please watch your language, no caps locks, don't be rude and etc - etc.
- We expect an update of major event that occurs in our trade. Reply promptly.

- We will not ship out our DVDs until all of your DVDs passed our inspection.

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