Trade-In Last Updated at: Monday June 15, 2015

Do you have R2 Japanese Remastered Cover-Scans files laying around in your place?
Now you can earn money, DVDs, or more cover files by trading-in your covers files.

1. Covers must be unaltered, NO water marks, deleted contents, major cropped, etc.
2. Covers must be R2 Japanese DVD version, not HK box, not VCD, not other else.
3. Covers must be scanned in medium - high resolution (e.g. 1800 x 1200 pixels)
4. Covers must be printable in 1/1 scale, without the need to overly stretch it.
5. Covers may be incomplete, but high priority & pay reserved for the completed one.

What do we seek?
Any R2 Japanese Official Cover-Scans ranging from Super Sentai, Kamen Rider,
Ultraman, Metal Heroes, Super Robot, Henshin Heroes, Anime, etc.

How to trade:
1. Send us e-mail at
2. List all DVD cover files you have and type of rewards you seek (dvd, money, files).
3. We will reply your e-mail shortly with a list of covers that interest us.
4. We will request for sample files, one for each different series of our interest.

5. Once we got the samples, we will make an offer of rewards based on the samples.
6. You, then, have plenty of time to counter-offer or agree with the deal.
7. When the deal is sealed, you first have to send all the cover files to us.
8. Once we verified the files, we will send the rewards to you promptly.

What are the rewards?
Any DVDs within this website, money, other cover files that we have. Complete list of
cover files available from us will be provided to you when it's necessary.

Rewards prize and value (quantity) will be adjusted according to the sample you provide.
Rewards Value will then subjected to counter-offer bargaining if the deal wasn't sealed.

Note 1: DVDs rewards will take a little longer to process than Money or other Cover files.
Note 2:
We reserve the rights to reject your trade-in offers whenever it is necessary.


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