Set Price $44.95
Partial Price $7.00 / DVD
Number of DVDs 8 DVDs
Number of Episodes 37 Episodes + EX
Completed Series Completed
Language Japanese
Subtitle English / Chinese /OFF
Menu Function Japanese Interactive
Source DVD HK Hi-Vision

Original Run: October 2, 2004 to June 25, 2005

A radical change from the prior Ultraman Cosmos series, which was strictly aimed at young children, Ultraman Nexus was the first Ultraman TV series specifically aimed at adults. The show abandons the traditional monster-of-the-week stories in order to be replaced with longer character-based story arcs. The program had intended to be running during prime time, but the network gave the show a 7:30 AM Saturday morning slot once Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon ended its 49 episode run. The TV series received weak ratings which were attributed to the change in style and not being able to have the target demographic tune in, resulting in the series being cut short from around 50 episodes down to 37.

The first stage of the Ultra N Project was entitled Noa: Nostalgia. The project mascot, Ultraman Noa, was a rather radical change design - an all-silver Ultraman with protruding wings on its back. Ultraman Noa was mainly used for live stage shows and merchandising. The second stage of the project was Next: Evolution. This saw the creation of a new theatrical film, ULTRAMAN THE NEXT. The final stage was Nexus: Trinity - the piece that ties the entire project together.

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- Full Featured English Subbed EX Episode Included
- Interactive Menu Split Chapters
- Full screen Presentation, NTSC, Aspect Ratio 4 : 3
- Dolby Digital Stereo: Japanese Track
- All / Free / No Regional Coding

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